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I’m so happy you’re here and I can’t wait to get to know you! I’d love to share a few tidbits about myself that may come in handy as you become a part of this amazing Homebody community!
So why did I create this space, you ask? In 2015, I went through a pretty big health crisis and soon realized that everything was about to change. It HAD to if I wanted to thrive instead of simply survive. I began soaking in all the information I could on overall health, mindful eating, and positive lifestyle choices.
I discovered that true health (in all areas of life) requires intentionality. I had to start thinking critically about what I was allowing in my home, the products I was using, and what I was consuming. All that thinking eventually transformed into passion, and I knew it was time to help others work towards wellness themselves! And now it’s led me to YOU!
I hope when you come into this space you feel seen and heard. That you feel welcomed and maybe even take a breath. As a former event planner, I love creating and curating beautiful things. This may not feel like your normal “crunchy mom” blog, and I think that’s ok. We all have to find what keeps us inspired, and for me, that looks like a celebration of lovely imagery, beautiful spaces, simple solutions, and quick tips.
I have two precious men in my life that may pop up here and there as we go! My husband, Craig, and toddler, Porter, are truly my everything. You’ll get to know them as you get to know me, so be on the lookout and give them a wave!
Kombucha is my lifeblood, and probably the occasional coconut milk latte. My entire closet is filled with mustard-colored items at the moment because I just can’t get enough of that trend! I am a lover of all things Paleo, so be prepared for some fantastic recipes and farm-fresh finds! You’ll also find I’m an unapologetic enthusiast when it comes to clean beauty!
Now I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message here or follow me on Instagram to introduce yourself! This is going to be SO much fun, friend! I hope you enjoy a peek into my space, my life, and incidentally…my heart.
From one homebody to another, you are so welcome here.



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