• Ashley Goldman

Toddler Gift Ideas for the Minimalist Family

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Going into the holidays I wanted to be really intentional about Porter's holiday wish list and what family and friends were going to be purchasing him. Having more of a minimalist mindset, I want to be thoughtful about the stuff we bring into our home. Our motto has always been less is more, and I have found this to be so true with Porter's play. When less stuff is in front of him he tends to play better without distractions. I also am mindful about the toxins in some toys on the market today. Colorful, plastic toys tend to have more heavy metals and toxins in them. This may sound silly, but all the mamas out there know that these toys go right into those babies mouths, so choosing wood toys and brands known for their non-toxic toys has been priority for us.

Below I have compiled a toddler gift guide for the minimalist family! These gifts are made of safe and sustainable materials and also are all Montessori friendly.

3-in-1 Balance Bike

Wooden Xylophone

Montessori Learning Board

National Parks Book

Little Dove Balance Board

Eco Bricks

Pickler Triangle Gym

Mushie Stacking Cups

Rainbow Stacker

Play Pots and Pans

Educational Clock

Noah's Ark Friends

Wooden Car Ramp

Sensory Bin Tools

Dump Truck

Kinetic Sand Box

Stacking Train

Non-toxic Crayons